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Sleepy Time Awake!

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Om HomeSacred Sunday Celebrations:
Om HomETV: Play & Pray Today!
Quietly We Awaken!

This Week's Play & Pray Calendar Videos:
Music Videos!Musical Monday!
Nestled Music Video

Quietly Sing Along
Feature Creature TeacherTransformational Tuesday
Feature Creature Teacher: Koala Bear!
Laurie's StoriesWhimsical Wednesday Laurie Story Time!
Bedtime Laurie Story Time: Head To Bed!

Sleepy Time Story Time on the way!

More Laurie Story Times are at Laurie's Stories!

Thankful & ThoughtfulThoughtful Thursday
Listening In the Quiet Laurie StorEBook
Fab Fun!Fab Fun Friday
Play Time with Bear Friends (including Koala!)!
MusicVideos!SoulPlay Saturday
Panda Bear Surprises on the way!

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Play & Pray Today!Play & Pray Today!Play & Pray Today!Play & Pray Today!Play & Pray Today!Play & Pray Today! Play & Pray Today!